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Leon Dewitt Finney III, Artist

Leon Dewitt Finney III, is an artist residing in Philadelphia. He is the Director and Founder of 1Touch of Color, a foundation designed to foster apprenticeships with young artists in the Philadelphia region. 

​This foundation has partnered with local galleries, the School District of Philadelphia, and the Department of Recreation to create murals that reflect the beauty found within the lives of inner-city youth.

In addition to mentoring and inspiring youth around Philadelphia; Leon Dewitt Finney III travels the United States to present live action artwork in efforts to share his experience, while shining light on the talents of iconic and fresh African American Artists like himself. Featured in both Public and Private art shows in cities such as New York, Chicago and his home town Philadelphia. Much of his commissioned and award winning pieces can be found at the Philadelphia Art Museum, Bernard Hopkins and many others personal art collections.

Furthermore, Leon worked as an art curator for many years at Philadelphia’s very first African American Art Museum, The Lucian Crump Art Gallery. It was there that he developed the ability to capture the essence of his subject matter. Collectors continue to find themselves drawn to his work through his use of captivating and thought-provoking pieces. These pieces have been crucial to his journey and development and continue to mesmerize.

Stay connected with us.... as soon some selected pieces of Leon's work will be available to the public for purchase on this site only.

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